An unlikely trio bonds by helping a family in need in Baldwin County – FOX10 News

ROBERTSDALE, ALA. (WALA)- An inspiring update to a story FOX10 News first shared on Monday.

Remember Mrs. Ann? She bought luggage and plane tickets for a family down on their luck in Baldwin County and she did it with a little help from two strangers.

John Kuri and Austin Perrault aren’t blood, but they’re brothers.

Both are transplants to Baldwin County from Chicago. They never expected they’d befriend a Boston woman, also fairly new to Baldwin County, through a major act of kindness.

A family of five on their way to Texas from Central Florida broke down on Highway 59 in Robertsdale.

“When I saw these people walk, it it was like a death march. They had vacant stares on their faces. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Mrs. Ann.

When she saw this struggling family, she felt she had to do something, but she knew she couldn’t take them, their boxed up belongings and pets to the Pensacola International Airport alone. So, she flagged down two strangers, John and Austin.

Austin Perrault said, “I roll the window down and she starts talking to me and says, you know, I saw this family over here when I was shopping. I got them some things, you know, to eat, and some things to help them along the way. But that’s not all I want to do. I want to do more. And I said, okay, well what can I do to help?”

And just like that, John and Austin in their truck and Mrs. Ann in her vehicle, drove the family and their belongings 49 minutes away to the Pensacola International Airport. Mrs. Ann even bought the family brand new luggage.

“There was no way John and Austin were going to get away, but they didn’t even try. They didn’t even try. They were in the minute I asked,” said Mrs. Ann.

After going through some hard times himself, John said he now feels he was meant to be in Baldwin County.

“When I moved to Florida. I was homeless for about a year and a half. So I knew what was going on, and how they were feeling and I know how it feels to have people, outreach and help you where they can, and I just wanted to do something to pay it forward,” said John Kuri.

Now, this unlikely trio have become true friends. Mrs. Ann has already been invited to share a special event with Austin and his family, a gender reveal party for Austin’s baby that’s on the way.

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