SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Jeremy Poincenot is overcoming obstacles and pursuing his passions, and now he’s doing so with the help of his father.

Jeremy’s mom and dad both worked in the golf industry and Jeremy became a four handicap golfer. Every Sunday, he and his dad Lionel had a standing tee-time from when Jeremy was 12-17 years old.

Jeremy had 20/20 vision until 2009 when, as a sophomore at SDSU, over the span of two months the vision in both eyes deteriorated to the point where he says his vision is like a donut. The middle of his vision is gone and he sees above, below and to the sides but has no central vision.

His dad had bought him a new set of irons for Christmas before Jeremy lost his sight and still gave them to Jeremy after he lost his sight. But Jeremy was not happy about that because he thought he could never play golf again.

But his dad eventually got him to the driving range, and ended up shooting a 99 in his first round since losing his sight.

His scores have gotten much better since that round, much thanks to the help of his father Lionel, who is his caddy.

One year after losing his sight, Jeremy with his dad on his bag, chipped in on an extra hole to win the International Blind Golf Association Championship in 2010 in England. Jeremy has now won three world championships and eight US Championships as a blind golfer.

Jeremy joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney to discuss his amazing story ahead of Father’s Day.

The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation published the following video of Michelle Wie honoring Jeremy Poincenot’s courage and strive for success on the golf course: