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Today, they are excited to announce the launch of SURGE, a safe, empowering community focused on learning, educating, and securing women’s place in Web3.


Denise Schaefer and Juliette Chevalier met online in October 2021. Yes, that was 2 months ago.

Today, they are excited to announce the launch of SURGE, a safe, empowering community focused on learning, educating, and securing women’s place in Web3.

The definition of “surge” is a sudden, powerful, forward or upward movement. To them, this represents an equalizer force, balancing the gender representation within Web3 and making it accessible for women and non-binary individuals around the globe.

So, what is Web3?

Web 1.0 is the first internet we created. Filled with static text and images, initial websites were not as interactive as we know them today. Web 1.0 was read-only, allowing little space for users to create and log in.

Web 2.0 is the web people know today. Highly dynamic, today’s internet is social. people connecting on platforms where they can create and consume information.

This has been incredibly fun and innovative in recent years, but most data is controlled by big tech companies who are the biggest beneficiaries of these contributions.

Web3 changes this. By giving ownership to creators, they’re building a cyberspace that is peer-to-peer with applications mounted on top of blockchains instead of servers.

Why Surge?

Excited by this new technology, they started joining communities online. But it doesn’t take long to realize that “crypto-bros” are real.

Concerned by the lack of participation from women within this revolutionary space, they’ve decided to build a community with one goal in common: help each other grow.

Today, it is estimated that twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrencie s. SURGE fears that if we do not act now, Web3 will imitate Web2’s gender reality.

Changing the Information Pipeline

The language in crypto often feels like a gated community, which is intimidating and discouraging to newcomers.

DAOs, NFTs, POAPs, Layer 2s, multi-chain, it seems like the amount of crypto buzz words just keeps increasing by the second. For too long this space has been kept highly technical. This is about to change.

SURGE tasked itself with a hard job: create educational content accessible for all.

How will SURGE do this?

SURGE has a cross-functional team of talented engineers, marketers, writers, artists, and designers sharing how they are learning Web3’s complicated concepts.

Through gamified education, peer-to-peer learning, and a well-thought-out user experience, SURGE aims to provide easily digestible information to our members.

Promoting Financial Inclusivity for Women

Currently, financial access varies widely across borders and socioeconomic structures. Women around the globe are more likely to live in poverty than their male counterparts.

Without a concentrated effort to bring more women into the crypto space, SURGE fears the diversity will imitate the tech scene’s current reality. The nature of Web3 presents a world-changing opportunity for financial inclusion and leveling the playing field.

SURGE’s Next Steps

To accomplish this ambitious goal, SURGE is creating and curating the internet’s best educational content, launching a weekly newsletter, and releasing an NFT collection to fund the mission. But more news on that soon.

SURGE is also running a Discord server where women share ideas, learn from each other, ask questions, and find support.

As SURGE continues to grow, we will become the de facto space for feminine crypto energy, fueling talent into the industry and bringing diversity into a traditionally homogeneous space.

With Web3 growing at an unprecedented rate, SURGE plans to ensure that women and non-binary individuals play a role in one of the most important technological revolutions of our time.

The question is: are you in?

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