Heights reader asserts KISD leader setting stage for another bond vote – The Killeen Daily Herald

To the Editor:

So it’s December in an odd-numbered year, which of course means for the third time in five years Dr. John Craft is once again hawking the need for yet another bond for Killeen ISD.

Dr. Craft is proposing an over-inflated, wasteful $278M bond that covers five projects. The bond could be more if he convinces the board to include a new administration building.

These projects are over-inflated because they have an 18% markup for the proposed buildings, not the 12% Dr. Craft misquoted to the board.

Case in point, Dr. Craft wants to replace Nolanville Elementary with a new building based on same THREE-STORY design as Killeen Elementary. Projected cost is $66M.

Killeen Elementary only cost the taxpayer $48M. Given that he wants to start building this school in January 2023, the $18M increase in total price is an 18% yearly increase in price.

This 18% overcharge isn’t just for Nolanville. Dr. Craft wants to replace and expand Peebles Elementary using the same design as was used for Pershing Park. Projected cost is $49M. Pershing Park replacement only cost the taxpayer $35M. This $14M total price increase has the same 18% markup.

The proposed Peebles project is also wasteful. This project would more than double the size of Peebles and leave it with almost 600 vacant student seats. This is in addition to the nearly 400 unused student capacity at the newly built $48M Killeen Elementary only 1 mile away.

$97M for two schools within 1 mile of each other with a combined excess capacity near 1,000 students is just plain wasteful. KISD should be looking to close Peebles in the next five years, not expand it.

There is a better way. I just need the board to give me a spot on the Jan. 11 agenda to show them.

Stan Golaboff

retired colonel

Harker Heights