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Aside from powering up the main characters in Scarlett Nexus, it is essential that players also improve relations with their squad mates and bond.

The truth of what is imagination and reality often tango in Scarlet Nexus, but luckily, players don’t have to unravel that knot alone. Scarlet Nexus uses a squad-based system that pairs the player with two other characters for just about every battle. By applying teamwork, players may increase their battle potential ten-fold, and open up a variety of methods to deal with any incoming threat. Of course, there are methods to increase this synergy by forming and nurturing a bond with each and every squad mate available.

There are two types of bonds available to players; personal bonds and team bonds. Personal bonds are in between singular characters while team bonds affect the entire team. While regular bonds are available somewhere prior to the first mission, team bonds appear somewhere around Phase 5. Like many JRPGs, Scarlett Nexus doesn’t provide everything from the start and allows players to slowly, but surely understand the game’s systems. Here are some tips on how the bond system works, and what can be done to improve it.

How to Raise Bond Levels in Scarlett Nexus

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In order to raise bond levels, there are two things players can do. The first would be to engage in an “episode” with a character by interacting with them. Players are first introduced to this mechanic during the first intermission. At the end of Phase One (Yuito), a squad-mate finds themselves gravely injured but attempts to put on a brave front in order to outlast the pain. Noticing his folly, Yuito recommends the team can recuperate in a secret bunker his family operates on rare occasions.

After reaching this hideaway for the first time, the bunker becomes a frequent safe house where Yuito can speak to his squad-mates and sometimes venture out into the world with them on a personal ‘episode’. These episodes serve to deepen Yuito’s connection with the other characters in the game, thus increasing their bond levels. It’s easy to tell when a bond mission is available because the character being spoken to will start a conversation that lasts at least more than 2 responses.

Players earn rewards for unlocking a new bond level, as well as more abilities from each character they increase their bond with. These opportunities also appear sometimes during a Phase, and sometimes begin through conversation in the message box. The second way to increase bond levels is by giving gifts. Each character capable of being of Yuito’s squad can be given a gift, and each gift rewards a different amount of bond points.

Around the image of the gift, there will be a grey, color, or pinkish outline; grey being the lowest affinity and pink being the highest. Gifts can be bought a found strewn about the world during missions or in the shop under the Present section. Head to the hideout and hand the gift over to the relevant character. Be sure to give gifts whenever possible, as they can help raise the bond levels of characters that are lagging behind and holding down the team bond level.

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Scarlet Nexus is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.


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