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Many crypto currencies are appreciated for their confidentiality. And many investors place their money in these for the same reasons.

But if one of them should be much less anonymous than expected, would the investment remain valid? It’s a safe bet that no.

This is the problem that appeared for the Verge cryptocurrency, XVG (which started life as Dogcoin Dark.

Verge transaction addresses have been revealed!

The cryptocurrency Verge has seen its price increase significantly this last month.

This increase may be due to the fact that John Mc Afee extolled the digital motto. But also probably because it was a very cheap motto. Just some Satoshi.

However, if investors are interested because of its anonymity, they are likely to be disappointed.

Thus, a website claims to list the IP addresses of Verge transactions.

These are for the moment transactions made on the Verge Core portfolio. But it seems that the Electrum XVG portfolio will soon be the same.

It must be recognized that the developers have defended themselves. They said, “Verge uses several anonymity-based networks, such as Tor and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are obscure and the transactions are totally untraceable.

What’s more, a video was posted on Verge’s Twitter account on December 20th.

On this video a voiceover explains that XVG “is the only untraceable currency for everyday use.”

Yet many question this allegation and claim that Verge is much less confidential than many other cryptocurrencies.

This is also explained by the site that revealed the problem:

“Obviously, all the IP addresses below will not be correct. Some might just relay a transaction. The fact is, that a large amount will be correct, because of the small size of the Verge network. If your IP appears in the list with a TX that you did not do, it means that you relayed it for someone else. Do you want your IP address to be connected to other users’ transactions? “

Once again, Verge denies these accusations and claims to have not found on the site a single IP address of transactions.

In the meantime, users are paying for this Meli Melo statements. And it is possible that they take a risk with each transaction.

Verge has several projects underway and it would be good for the development team to issue an official denial before continuing its roadmap.

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