It’s Over: Why I’m Cancelling My American Express

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How to Change the Gear Box of Your Car

A gearbox is a mechanical way to transfer energy from one device to another. It is an essential ingredient of car. It has a system of metal gears that enmesh with each other and directly increase torque and reduce or increase speed in a motorcar.

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In Inspiring Generational Leadership, DeLinda Forsythe, owner of a San Diego furniture company, shares how the concept of conscious capitalism allowed her to create a thriving, happy work environment. She gives us an inside look into her business, into how conscious capitalism works, and how others can use it to bring about greater financial success in the workplace while creating a positive environment where workers are cared about. Overall, the book has a focus on the future and how our actions will influence generations to come so we have to strive to be conscious in everything we do.