The Marshall County Council members opened a public hearing Monday morning concerning a bond for the East Shore Conservancy District in Culver. 

The East Shore Corporation in Culver recently developed an East Shore Conservancy District after experiencing a failed wetland disbursement system.  Plans were then made to pump all of the waste through a newly-built sewer system into the Town of Culver’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The resolution before the council members indicated that a 35-year bond through the state will pay back the construction loan for the sewer system to the Town of Culver’s Wastewater Treatment Facility and costs incurred during the creation of the East Shore Conservancy District. 

The bonds would not exceed $1.8 million.  The users within the East Shore Conservancy District will pay the bond as a lien on top of property taxes in that area through the duration of the bond. The county would collect the money and distribute it to the District to pay the bond. 

There were no public comments during the hearing.

After the bond resolution number was submitted on the record, as well as the documents showing proof of the publication of the public hearing, the Marshall County Council approved the resolution with a unanimous vote.