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After a rough start to the series, the Montreal Canadiens are looking to rebound in Game 2 and so can you. If you’re like me, you lost a few bucks in the series opener by taking a chance on the underdogs. Well, there’s a way to make it back, but you’ll have to get creative.

The standard bets won’t get you paid. That’s why they’re the first ones listed. Like an insurance company, bet sites weren’t designed to give back money. Let’s dig a little deeper and check out what the wonderful world of team and series futures bets can do for us.

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The Futures near and far

A futures bet is a bet that’s on, well, the future. It’s your prediction for which way the tide will turn. With that said, now that we’re one game into the Habs and Golden Knights series, you’ll have to alter your prediction a little bit. Obviously, picking Montreal to win in four (if you were that optimistic) is out of the question now, so let’s look at our updated options.

If you head over to Sports Interaction now, you’ll find a few semifinal choices. There are several Series Correct Score bets along with a few When Will Series Finish options.

Why is it important to seek these out over your general team futures bets? Well, flat out, it’s because of the odds. The payouts in this section are far greater than they are for just picking Team X to win. For example, if you decided to go Montreal in six the payout is +1200. If you think it’ll go the distance and end in Montreal’s favour you’re looking at +900 and if you think it’ll end 4-3 for Vegas, you’re getting +606.

Your other option is When Will the Series Finish, which gives you the choices of Game 4, Game 5, Game 6 or Game 7. Easy stuff and if you believe Montreal will at least make it interesting, you can already check a few of the choices off the board to further help simplify your selection.

Spread it on!

Yes, there are more series futures bets available and, yes, the nature of this one final bet can help put your mind at ease. Putting money on Montreal right now is no certainty. Putting good money on Vegas may be a little hard to fathom this far into the series as well, so what can you do? Where can you find a bet that will give you enough leeway to still sleep comfortably at night? Bodog.

Welcome to the Series Game Spread my friends. Come one, come all! It’s simple. It’s basic. It pays and it’s not going to ramp up your stress level too much. You simply pick how many games Vegas will win by or how many games Montreal will take the series in.

By the way, quick side note here: We’re clearly focusing this article on the Canadiens and Golden Knights, but of course the same bets can be found for the Islanders and Lightning series as well.

If you believe the Golden Knights are going to walk through this semifinal series, Vegas winning by -2.5 games (paying -160) is the bet for you. What you’re saying here is that Vegas can win this series in five games or less. The odds obviously favour this prediction a bit, which explains the low payout.

Trend Time

The Habs are 6-0 in their last six games played on one day of rest. They also only have one loss through their past eight overall. That’s the good. Here’s the bad: Montreal is 2-6 in their past eight when they’ve only scored two goals or less in the game that came before. They’ve also won just three of their past 12 on a Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Vegas’ trends tell a bit of different tale. They’ve won 42 of their past 56 home games and have also taken 39 of their past 52 games when playing as the favourite. Then, to add a little salt to the Montreal wound as well, Vegas has also won 35 of their past 51 games when playing on just one day of rest.

Got to love those trends, right?