Rockford firefighters enjoy Christmas together through ‘family like’ bond – WREX-TV

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Today may be Christmas for many, but for firefighters at Rockford Fire Department Station 7, it’s just another day. 

“We work 24 hours at a time,” said Josh Douglass, firefighter and paramedic. “Sometimes you have to miss kid sports or school plays.”

Through everyday sacrifices, these firefighters have each other’s backs on a daily basis. 

“If we’re going into a fire, the guy next to you has your back,” said Douglass. “If something happens to you, he’s there and is going to do everything possible to get you out of that situation.”

Six-year Firefighter Adam Frisbie describes the bond at Fire Station 7 as family. 

“It’s absolutely a family in every description of the word,” said Frisbie. “We live together for a third of our lives. It’s two cookouts and a sleepover when we come to the fire station.”

Together, they will celebrate by eating good with a warm meal. 

“We always eat really well on the holidays at the fire house,” said Douglass. “We’re having prime rib today.”

For Frisbie, the meal gives him the opportunity to reflect on his service to his community. 

“It’s one of those things where you get into this job and think you are going to make a difference,” said Frisbie. “It is truly nice to be appreciated and make a difference in the community.”

Everyday heroes, motivated to keep those safe no matter what day it is.