Solis Bond Company Designated Activity Company FRN senior secured EUR 130000000 green bonds 2021/2024 (the “Bond Issue”) –

Reference is made to the bonds (the "Bonds") Issued by Solis Bond Company DAC (the "Issuer"), Alternus Energy Group Plc's wholly owned subsidiary, under the Bond Issue and the bond terms applicable to the Bonds (the "Bond Terms").  Pursuant to the Bond Terms, the Issuer shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that  the Bonds are listed on Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange) within 6 January 2022, being twelve months of the issue date. The Issuer has prepared a listing prospectus, which will be filed with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (the "NFSA"). An initial prospectus was filed with the NSFA, including consolidated audited financial statements, for approval on 15 November 2021. However, in light of certain changes to the enforcement of audit requirements, the NFSA requested the Issuer to re-file the listing prospectus with updated and separate audited financial statements for each of the guarantors. Such separate audited statements must include those guarantors / acquisitions that will close in the future, up to and including the date of listing. The Issuer is currently working on the preparation and audit of these financial statements and expect that they will be finalised by early January 2022. Considering the anticipated time for the NFSA's review process, the Bonds will not be listed by 6 January 2022. Consequently, as of 7 January 2022 and until the Bonds have been listed on Oslo Børs, the interest on the principal amount outstanding under the Bond Terms will accrue interest at the Interest Rate plus 1.00 percentage point per annum.   Based on current information, the Issuer expects that the Bonds will be listed within the first quarter of 2022. Updates on the listing process will be provided as and when appropriate.    For more information, please contact Joseph Duey, CFO on: E:  T: +1 704 519 6723

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