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Ten Most Progressive Cryptocurrencies to Watch Out for in 2021


These most progressive cryptocurrencies are attracting investors.

Cryptocurrency is no more a buzzword. We are reading about it everywhere and are intrigued to know about it more. Cryptocurrency has been growing and it seems nothing can stop its growth. Countries all over the world are embracing this new form of currency and shifting toward a digital mode of payments. Hence, investors are investing in the most progressive cryptocurrencies lately.

The month of June has so far been good after the hard-hit in May. Bitcoin is picking up and so is Ethereum. However, apart from these two, other progressive cryptocurrencies are also coming into the limelight. Let’s have a look at the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. We have incorporated CoinMarketCap data for this article.


While you must be expecting Bitcoin to be on the list, it has truly been steadily growing since the last 7 days and holding its position as the top growing cryptocurrency. After falling down to US$35,697 on May 28th, it has been growing slowly with some minor fluctuations.

Current Price: US$37,845


Ripple is becoming quite popular as it won the lawsuit where The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t give permissions to access to private documentation of Ripple Labs’ legal status. This popularity is boosting the growth of Ripple. Also, it intends to go public.

Current Price: US$0.8397


Cardano ranks in the best five cryptocurrencies and one of the largest cryptos by market cap and is growing crypto in popularity. With regards to being liquid, Cardano operates in high volumes consistently. Obviously, it has its high points and low points, but it is progressively growing.

Current Price: US$1.48

Binance Coin

Yes, Binance Coin too was affected by market turmoil in May. Fluctuating in the range of US$350-US$370, the Binance coin is slowly progressing since last month.

Current Price: US$354.56


While there are many cryptocurrencies with huge objectives, Polkadot is one of the loftiest. It aims to empower a totally decentralized web where users are in control and was recently trading in the range of US$20-US$25.

Current Price: US$22.28


It was founded in 2017, a blockchain abstraction layer that empowers globally connected smart contracts. It is steadily growing in popularity, fluctuating in the range of US$20-US$25.

Current Price: US$22.88


Because of its advantages over Ethereum, it has been successful in gaining the eyeballs of crypto fans. This is one of the reasons Polygon is growing in popularity. Since the start of June, the price was taking a dip, but now it has picked up since last week.

Current Price: US$1.49


Uniswap is a decentralized finance protocol that is utilized to trade cryptocurrencies. The protocol works with automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. It can soon become the highest value cryptocurrency.

Current Price: US$21.83


THETA is a new growing cryptocurrency taking 14th position as per CoinMarketCap. It is a blockchain empowered network for video streaming. It aims at eliminating poor infrastructure and high costs of video streaming. Hence, it holds a lot of potentials.

Current Price: US$10.04


This coin too leverages blockchain technology to ensure fast, secure, and low-cost payments. It is one of the most growing cryptocurrencies with a market cap of US$11,102,662,622.

Current Price: US$166.15

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