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Top 10 Growing Cryptocurrencies in July 2021

Growing Cryptocurrencies

These growing cryptocurrencies in July hold immense potential.

We have crossed half the year of 2021 and yet there are no signs of the growth of cryptocurrency stopping. If you have heard about Bitcoin, you also need to open your mind to other growing cryptocurrencies. By the end of June 2021, all cryptocurrencies had taken a dip in their prices. However, since July the crypto market has started picking up.

Other fast-growing cryptocurrencies are also stealing the limelight and making a prominent place in the crypto market. Let’s look at the top growing cryptocurrencies in July 2021.


Bitcoin has gone through major fluctuations in the month of June. The largest cryptocurrency and the highest growing cryptocurrency came down to US$29,337 on 22nd June. Since July, it has been steadily growing and reached US$35,907.

Current Price: US$34,379.61


Regarded as the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum is also growing and the cryptocurrency with the biggest growth potential has experienced some minor fluctuations. On June 22nd, the price of Ethereum came down to US$1,733. It eventually started growing, reaching around US$2,356.

Current Price: US$2,258.52


Cardano ranks in the best five cryptocurrencies and the fastest growing cryptocurrency. It hit the price of US$1.0203 in June. However, after that it has picked up slowly, trading at US$1.492.

Current Price: US$1.42


On June 5th, Ripple was valued at  US$0.9937. It was then fluctuating in the range of US$0.86 to US$0.84. However, on June 22nd, the price of Ripple came down to US$0.52. But, since then, it is growing and reaching US$0.70.

Current Price: US$0.679


While there are many cryptocurrencies with huge objectives, Polkadot is one of the loftiest. While it was trading in the range of US$20-US$25 in June, it slashed down to US$13. In July, it started picking up and it is priced at US$16.

Current Price: US$15.58


Uniswap is a decentralized finance protocol that is utilized to trade cryptocurrencies. Uniswap is one of the highly growing cryptocurrencies. Taking a dip to US$14.28 in mid-June, the price of the coin has gone up to US$21.48, the price a few hours ago.

Current Price: US$20.32


This coin too leverages blockchain technology to ensure fast, secure, and low-cost payments. Litecoin experienced a sharp decline in the price going to US$107.65 in June. But we are still in the first week of July and the price has gone up to US$146 on 4th July.

Current Price: US$141.19


It was founded in 2017, a blockchain abstraction layer that empowers globally connected smart contracts. It is steadily growing in popularity, fluctuating in the range of US$20-US$25 in June. After the decline to US$15.26, it is growing steadily to US$19.84.

Current Price: US$18.67


Because of its advantages over Ethereum, it has been successful in gaining the eyeballs of crypto fans. It is a cryptocurrency with the highest growth potential.  Again for Polygon, June was the month of major fluctuations yet its growth in popularity supported Polygon from US$0.9567 on June 22nd to US$1.1758 in July recently.

Current Price: US$1.13


Though less heard, Solana empowers decentralized app (DApp) creation. Trading in the price range of US$30-US$35. The price came down to US$21.14 in mid-June. July seems to be a pretty good month as it reached US$35 recently.

Current Price: US$33.66

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