Top Performing Municipal Bond Funds: June 2021 –

Municipal bond funds can invest in a pool of securities issued by local, state or federal organization. Unlike individual bonds, municipal bond funds provide an easy and convenient way to invest in this type of security.

In order to help you better understand how different municipal bond funds have been perfoming recently, we have compiled this list of top performing funds.

We list out the top 25 municipal bond funds based on their 1-year trailing total returns. We have only considered funds with atleast $100 million in assets and those that have a track record of more than 1 year. We have also considered only those funds that are currently open to retail investors, institutional investors or advisors.

Certain specific share classes, including those reserved for retirement accounts, have been excluded from the list.

Since most of these funds have multiple share classes, we have considered only 1 relevant share class of a fund.