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Rockwall County voters passed three major bond propositions Tuesday to help pay for improvements to local schools and roadways, while Rockwall County voters were not in favor of bond propositions for the City of Wylie.

• The Rockwall Independent School District had two propositions featured on the ballots. Proposition A would provide $458.9 million in bonds for the construction of new school facilities and sites for the schools, as well as the purchase of new school buses.

Proposition B would allow for $16.9 million in bonds for technology equipment.

Proposition A passed with 4,931 votes for (51.15%) to 4,709 votes against (48.85%).

Proposition B passed with 4,958 votes for (51.33%) to 4,692 votes against (48.67%).

• Rockwall County had Proposition A on the ballot which would allow for the issuance of $150 million in bonds to pay for construction of new roads throughout the county, joining state, city and regional government projects. The measure passed with 6,562 votes for (61.26%) to 4,149 votes against (38.74%).

* The City of Wylie had three items on the ballot. Proposition A would allow for the issuance of $35.1 million in bonds to pay for street repairs and/or improvements to Park Boulevard and Bollard and Sachse Roads. Proposition B would allow the issuance of $10 million in bonds for street and alley improvements. Proposition C would allow for the issuance of $5 million in bonds for street improvements in the Downtown Historic District.

All three measures failed at the hands of Rockwall County voters. Final results of the election across other jurisdictions were not immediately available Wednesday morning.

The 10,763 total votes during the election represented 14.74% of Rockwall County’s registered voters.

The vote totals are unofficial until canvassed by the Rockwall County Commissioners Court and the individual jusdisctions conducting the elections.